Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving and promoting your website to increase the number of relevant visitors you receive from search engines such as Google and Bing.

When a potential customer types a query into a search engine such as Google, the search engine will find, list and rank websites which it feels are most relevant to the search query. A website which is rarely updated, offers little information and is not well optimised will naturally languish and fall short of the ever-changing ranking criteria.

Quite often we are asked to help get a website higher in Google for a particular search term, usually a term a competitor is ranking highly for. If your goal is to get above your competitors, we can do that (and so can any SEO company) but it’s not a considered approach.

The goal of any Search Engine Optimisation campaign should be to generate higher and better qualified traffic, not beat your competitors for terms that may not even be bringing them anything! That’s why we won’t optimise for any old search term. We undertake initial research first and identify opportunities where we can achieve high rankings that bring plenty of the right kind of people to your website.

Our unique approach to search engine optimisation helps you achieve long-term, sustainable positions in Google for relevant terms your target audience are actively searching for. We aim to make sure it's you that gets in front of your target audience, not your competitors.

Managed web hosting & server support

DNS, PHP, MySQL, FTP, SSL. Confused? Don’t give yourself a headache. Web hosting can be complicated, that’s why we offer a fully managed service and worry about the technical jargon for you.

Our web hosting service comes with all of the above acronyms including daily backups, email, webmail, spam protection and statistics too. We even manage your domain name settings (DNS) at no additional cost. Need anything else? Just ask, we’re very flexible.

All of our web hosting clients benefit from our friendly, plain English speaking telephone and email support service.

Web Hosting Migration

If your website was built or hosted by another company but you are unhappy with the level of service or support you receive, we will be pleased to assist with the migration of your website. We'll do that for you without fuss and even liaise with your existing service provider if you’d rather not!

Responsive Web Hosting

While many companies place hundreds of websites on a single web server, with us the number for shared virtual hosting will be between 10-15 and very often much better, meaning that our servers stay fast and responsive, even during periods of extremely high traffic.

We don’t resell web hosting space on third party servers. We own and manage each server we host our websites on, giving us complete control and the ability to serve you better.

For larger requirements, we also offer a managed dedicated server service for those that need masses of storage or processing power to run complex applications.

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