Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

I am totally new to this "website thing". How does the whole process work?

Never fear, that's why we are here. Complete our "IT quote" form or simply choose from our "website packages".

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website can vary depending on various factors, just like the cost of a house may vary. Though our website projects generally start in the £99 range for basic business sites and range upward depending on your unique needs.

If a website or application does not match the wishes of its user or if users are unable to easily fulfil the intended actions, then less people will be visiting your website. Seemingly small features like headlines or an image next to the “buy” button can have serious consequences. Therefore, aspects like menu navigation or text to image ratio can be hugely influential.

User surveys and interviews are an effort and cost intensive process and are therefore often left out of the development process. CodeTechno can address this issue by gathering invaluable usability feedback from both your internal and external customers.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with a broad range of company types [small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, B2B, B2C and more] across many business industries [technology, food, apparel, health + beauty, camps, travel, finance, arts, fair trade, and more.]

Over the years, we've helped businesses improve customer service, market their products, and attract customers. Functionality requests range from basic to advanced. Our team takes the time to get to know your industry, organisation, and competitors to ensure your site supports all of your goals.

How does your process and payment schedule work?

When we begin our service delivery to you whether this is a web development project, server upgrade or any of our IT services, we like to set out a contract which explains what services you are taking and what you would expect from us. At CodeTechno, we like to build a long term relationship, so it's important for both to ensure you know exactly what we will be delivering. The project usually starts with a fifty per cent deposit. Once we move to Phase 2 of the project, we then collect 25%. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope, the final 25% is collected.

Web designing and development

Your prices are really low - are there any hidden charges?

CodeTechno uses a unique streamlined web development process that allows us to create professional websites quickly and efficiently. This reduces our costs and we are happy to pass these savings to our clients. We also believe in transparent pricing so you can see up front, how much your website will cost before proceed with us.

How long does the website design process take?

The time frame will be determined by the size and complexity of your website's design and our current client design schedule, however we aim to have any initial designs ready within 5 working days of confirming your order and once you've approved the draft designs, the completed website can be online within a further 15 working days.

If your project is complex, then we will set out the time frame to complete the project and the website will also require "live testing" to fix bugs and other issues. The more functionality your website has, including the UX experience, the more testing it would be required.

Web hosting and server management

Will you provide a full copy/backup of our site if requested?

Yes for a small costs. This usually depends on your server files sizes as well as the database/s. If you would like a copy, please email us at We will contact within 48 hours of the costs to provide the backup copy of your webiste. Typically costs can be as low as £20, however we will confirm.

How is my website backed up?

We back up all of our client's websites daily, weekly and monthly on rotation to our in house servers. This is done manually to ensure all files including databases is correctly downloaded. If a site is needed to be fully restored, there is no cost to the client.

Where is my website hosted?

All websites that CodeTechno created must live in our servers. However, if at any time you wish to move to a new web firm & web host, we will package up your site for a small cost. Though at that time, we will no longer be able to support your site.

We have dedicated web servers which means, that your website is unlikely to fail. We also monitor our server 365 days a year, which means, if it does fail, we aim to resolve this as soon as possible.


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