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    Engage and audit

    If you are working with us for the first time, we like to get to know your business and how you work. Whether it is to develop or introduce a new technology to your business, we identify your key stakeholders which includes both your internal and external customers. As soon as you engage us, we set up a client meeting, so we can discuss what you are looking to do. We then review & produce a system audit, which enables us to present our findings to you.
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    Design and implement

    As part of our design stage, we define current & fture needs. We create and present proposal. Once this is approved by you, we engage with you throughout our implementation stage. We execute and delivery. As we go through the project life cycle, we ask you to look and work with the system we are building, whether it is an upgrade to your existing systems or a new development.
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    Develop and support

    As we come to the final stages of your project life cycle, we test and fix any issues. We also ask for live testing and we stay throughout this process, to change, fix or upgrade any features to increase the user experience. Once we hand over the system we have either upgraded or have cretaed, you can choose to keep us on board for on-going IT support or you can use our pay as you use service.
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User-Centred Design (UCD) puts the user at the heart of the process to capture an explicit understanding of users, tasks, and environments.

Our approach to UCD delivers more than just an outstanding User Experience, it’s a philosophy that engages the whole stakeholder community, from start to finish. This leads to minimal waste in product development, as we iterate to a solution that meets the needs of the business and the user. We designed and built with advanced CMS web application for a number of users including administrators and other key stakeholders, to create unified user experience.


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