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E-commerce support and management

Ensuring a reliable technical support service is in place for any website and CMS is an essential deliverable to ensure a website can maximise its performance and keep maintenance time as efficient as possible. Our aim is for all technical facets to be taken care of so we can focus on working with brands on the 'bigger picture'.

The digital world is constantly changing; our clients need to feel that if they have a question, it can be answered quickly and accurately by our knowledgeable team who care.

Our technical support programmes include:

- Site troubleshooting.

- Server management. If your business is Online, then you need to make sure there are no downtimes.

- CMS user guides and training.

- Cross browser compatibility upgrades. 

- Device compatibility. 

- Regular performance enhancement audits. 

- Security maintenance.

Analytics and Reporting

For us, statistics are key to making any decision online. Reporting needs to be accurate, relevant and tailored to individual needs. We have a range of reporting modules we use to offer insights into the performance of individual websites and the behavioural KPIs of each customer base.

Gaining this kind of an understanding enables our clients to be proactive in catering to their customers and expand their business to new demographics and territories. We provide analysis on:

- Traffic Flow
- Global Demographic insights
- Visitor acquisition and SEO performance
- Exit areas and lower performing content
- eCommerce Product performance
- eCommerce conversions and timings
- Booking console data

An eCommerce website from Codetechno offers total customisation so that your web platform fits your requirements perfectly, and works in the way you and your business are used to operating. A system that anyone can use – with all the features you need.

Our system works the way you do. It is intuitive and has only the options you need to get the job done. The easy to use interface of a Codetechno will give you full control of your web content.

When your eCommerce website is ready to launch, you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from our friendly team, along with a dedicated account manager. A Codetechno retainer package gives you regular performance analysis and statistics, along with expert marketing advice to help you build your business at home and abroad.


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